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I have been staring at my screen all day, and yet I haven’t written a word. Hence I decided to call it a day and just share this picture with you instead.  It kinds of express my feelings, lovely day and just looking at the sunny sky.  A bit random, I know!!


Early Life Crisis- in modest words-

 Early Life Crisis- in modest words-


I know exactly how that feels,

From someone who’ s been there, it can leave you feeling very lonely and lost. It’s not a very nice  place to be but we all have our ups and downs. Most importantly  is that the difficulties we face can help  us find our self, our true self and not what society dictates we should be. We are different and that what makes us special, if  we all were to be the same I can imagine the world being a very boring place.

Not knowing what you aim to do in life is  a dilemma that can face anyone, at any stage in life. And personally  facing such a conundrum at an early stage is better than being dragged to a life that  just isn’t for you and ending up having a middle age crisis.

Figuring out what you truly want can be a tricky task, might be  easy for some but certainly not  for all. Societal pressures increase the stress levels of course , especially when it seems everyone had it figured out expect you,  this leaves you feeling like a failure. It is  then when the phase of unhappiness and apathy kicks in, and it is not great at all.

So how to get yourself motivated, after a meltdown!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Find an interest, and follow your passion, that would be my advice. It doesn’t matter how long it may take, better late than never right?!Never be afraid of trying something new because you will never  find out if you enjoy it,when you don’t give it a try.  All it takes is a bit of courage nothing else. Besides, all great things begin small.

Once we start believing that we are in control of our life, and that  at any given point in time we can change what we are doing , making bold decisions become  a lot more easier. It’ s never too late folks, we only live once so make sure you enjoy what you do!!

The Graduate


There you go you wait and wait to graduate but once you do !!you wish you hadn’t. It is like a tunnel with no end, tons of applications and few interviews, hours and hours slaving over those (i.e. with tests of all kinds that leaves you feeling like a mouse in a laboratory ) and at the end still no results.

I know some may say that it is very normal and that everyone goes through this but why should it be this way??We are turning into a robotic society where we have to be measured and tested again all odds, and where being spontaneous or different is seen as a flaw.

It is sad to see where society ‘s benchmarks  are heading, nonetheless we should keep our hopes up all the time and like the French say “Après la pluie, le beau temps”.